A huge thank you to my lovely clients who have written such kind things. I am very lucky to work with such enthusiastic people and the benefits they feel are a credit to the effort that they put in.

Sarah Brookman, Social Prescriber

“My only experience of Pilates before coming to your class was finding myself immersed in a class where the teacher didn't seem to take much notice of our individual abilities/weaknesses. It was obviously levelled at those who were already flying with it and in an attempt to keep up and do what I was being taught I came away sore and disheartened. So...it was with some trepidation that I signed up again! This time I had good faith in it being based at Back into Action. It was so helpful and reassuring to have a 1-2-1 session with you before starting...I think that makes a massive difference. Thank you for both the sensitive and thorough way you guide us through each class. I have a way to go yet but I have kept on telling people how fantastic it is to have found a class I both enjoy and feel that I'm benefiting from already...and look forward to keeping on with. That is a small miracle because I've tried a few!!”

Nicola Topper, Chiropractor & Amateur Event Rider

“I have been going to Suzie’s classes for several months. I find they really help to even out my muscle imbalances and strengthen my weak areas. I work as a Chiropractor and ride as an amateur event rider in my free time. Both of which cause problems. Suzie while having a sense of humour also keeps an eye on everybody in the class and fine tunes our movements so we get the best from each session. I highly recommend her”.

Derek Eaton, Premier League Assistant Referee

“As a Premier League Assistant Referee the importance of fitness and flexibility is fundamental and critical to perform at the highest level of the game. Over the years I have strived to be at my top fitness level by not only adopting structured training sessions but also many complimentary therapies and treatments such as massage, chiropractor and osteopathic and most importantly Pilates. All of these have and continue to be massively beneficial. But here's the key element.................having started Pilates with Suzie back in June/July 2018, with at least 1 session per week, I have no doubt seen and felt a huge benefit and transformation in my overall core strength, balance, control and well being. This has culminated in my on field performances being optimised and better still, far less niggles and injury's as a result. The best thing is, my sprint times are less now than they were 10 years ago!! Suzie you too are at the top of your game, the sessions are fantastic, inclusive and most of all fun. You are professional in what you do and I would like to thank you  so much for how it has changed my performances. I can only say everyone should look to do Pilates, even for overall well being”.

Kelli Evans, Account Manager

“After years of trying different styles of Pilates and occasionally needing Physio at Back into Action, I joined Suzie's class. Her knowledge of physiotherapy is invaluable for me. She is the only teacher I have come across who gives attention to everybody in the class, she always remembers her client's injuries and offers modified positions to accommodate individual needs. Suzie's style of teaching is highly effective with a sprinkling of fun which makes her classes really enjoyable. Suzie has a wonderful way of explaining movements and helping the class to visualise what they need to try to achieve. As no two classes are the same, this combination helps us to learn, focus and achieve. My back is the strongest it has been for years. I attend two classes a week and would never give up my places, as I don't want my previous back pain to return. The investment of two hours a week, makes such a huge, positive difference to my day to day life”.

Helen Seabright & Ian Russell

“We have been doing Pilates at Back into Action since it opened its doors. All the teachers have been great and made a difference. Since Suzie took over the classes we have found them well structured, fun and beneficial. They have helped the strength of our backs and our cores. We would definitely recommend her classes.”